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Four Stocks Set to Thrive in a Greener Economy

These companies will cash in on carbon taxes.

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The polar bears are dying, deserts are expanding, and freak hurricanes are ravaging coastlines worldwide. Before long, you won't be able to ski in the Swiss Alps! No, it isn't just Al Gore saying these things--global warming and carbon dioxide are on a lot of lips these days. It seems more likely than ever that the U.S. government will eventually curb carbon emissions. In fact, there are almost a dozen bills shuffling through Congress as you read this.

The introduction of carbon regulation would be a watershed event, not only for our environment, but for many sectors of the economy, as well. We believe investors would be wise to both anticipate the related challenges and take advantage of the many great opportunities that may emerge. Unfortunately, we can't predict the exact form of any future legislation, but by studying the general themes of current proposals, we can point out some broad effects a greener economy will have on your wallet, and your portfolio.

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