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The First Half in International Funds 2007

If you think this story sounds familiar, you're absolutely right.

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The first half of 2007 saw its share of tumult. Rising interest rates and the U.S. subprime loan crisis have roiled markets, and an exciting presidential election in France gained the world's attention, with one of the candidates promising to take the economy sharply to the left. Stock markets around the world fell sharply in late February and early March.

At the end of the June, though, what is most surprising is that the trends in 2007's first half on the international front are so similar to the trends for 2006. However, when we look at specific funds, we find that some noteworthy changes do add color to the picture.

The First Half in Global Markets
Once again, emerging markets have led the way. Latin American stock markets--which to a large extent means Brazil and Mexico--have had powerful returns, and so have many countries in emerging Asia. Even China's market continues to soar, despite government actions specifically designed to rein it in.

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