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Personal Investor Insights

All investors, regardless of experience, rely on information, data, and tools to help them build investment plans and portfolios that support their personal goals. While every investor is unique, they all embrace a certain amount of risk—that’s just how investing works. That’s why it is important to be deliberate about it.

Morningstar offers a variety of tools, including risk mitigation tools, for investors and advisors of all sorts. Morningstar Investor is designed to help the personal investor tune out all the noise. Investor is the successor to Morningstar Premium. It combines Morningstar’s data, content, and research with redesigned tools to help investors holistically manage their investments, discover and evaluate investment ideas, and track the markets.

The wealth market is moving toward an institutional approach to investing and advisors are particularly well-suited to cater to it. Advantages in institutional investing for advisors include lower-cost options and the ability to customize strategies for clients’ needs. Moreover, advisors can leverage separately managed accounts (SMAs) and their associated technology to provide increased tax management and single-custody solutions for clients.

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