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A personalized retirement strategy combined with the simplicity of a target-date offering

Modernize your offerings with personal target-date fund services

Personal target-date fund services from Morningstar Investment Management LLC are an evolution of the traditional target-date fund. Using our technology platform and extensive network of recordkeeper integrations, personal target-date fund services take four unique data points for each participant to provide a target-date offering that’s more tailored to them and their individual retirement goals.

Offer a more intelligent target-date fund

Deliver a more personalized strategy

With the use of additional data, personal target-date fund services provide participants with a strategy more unique to their financial situations than a traditional target-date offering. Rather than only considering retirement age, personal target-date funds consider a participant’s age, income, account balance, and contribution rate when considering their strategy.

Personal target-date fund services may be an option as a qualified default investment alternative (QDIA) or a dynamic QDIA that leads into an even more personalized managed accounts strategy once the participant is near retirement.

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Access to our extensive network

Leveraging our data network of recordkeeper connections and third parties, we receive an extensive amount of participant data from recordkeepers and distribute it through a unique user interface to asset managers. The technology also serves as a way for participants’ investment decisions to be transferred back to the recordkeeper.

Flexible options in portfolio and asset blending

Morningstar Investment Management will use our data connections with recordkeepers to power personal target-date fund services, as well as create a user interface so participants have little to no work to do once they’re in their strategy. Each asset manager can either use Morningstar Investment Management's risk assignment and allocation strategy or they can leverage their own and carry the fiduciary responsibility.

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Differentiate your business from other target-date fund options

Traditional target-date fund options are built for the needs of average participants either at the plan or national level which we believe may inappropriately group individuals into incorrect strategies. Meanwhile, personal target-date fund strategies use individual participant data points gathered from Morningstar Investment Management’s unique network of recordkeeper connections, which is designed to increase the likelihood that a participant will be placed in a strategy that suits their retirement goals.

Ready to see for yourself?

Contact us to see how adding personalization to your target-date offerings can help you modernize and differentiate your business.

About Morningstar Investment Management LLC’s Retirement Solutions Group

Our parent company, Morningstar, Inc., was founded on the simple idea that when people have good investment information, they can make better choices that help them achieve their financial goals. In the retirement solutions group at Morningstar Investment Management LLC, a subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc. and a registered investment adviser, our advocacy for the individual investor extends to the workplace retirement market where the responsibility for investing and saving now rests with employees. Our products and services—which range from a managed accounts service to target-date products to custom models and fiduciary services—are not only designed to help people save for the retirement they want, but to help them make their money last once they get there.