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To succeed in the financial services industry, you need to transform vast amounts of data into actionable insights every day, which can be challenging and time consuming. Our newest Direct workspace centralizes data, analytics, and visualization so you can automate processes that were previously cumbersome or impossible to accomplish.​

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With your existing Morningstar license, access helpful pre-built Notebooks

Survey and select the portfolio manager with the track record you trust.

With the Portfolio Manager Performance History Notebook, output all funds a selected portfolio manager has managed over their career, alongside the performance data of those funds during his/her tenure so you can easily find the portfolio managers that best meet your needs.

Meet regulatory and internal diversity policies.

With the Firm Diversity Data Report Notebook, select an asset management company to see its diversity makeup so you can efficiently bring in asset managers who meet your diversity criteria.

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Morningstar Notebooks Content Guide

Learn how notebooks can help automate your workflows.

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