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Michael Falk: 'Retirement Planning Can Be Done More Simply'

The author and financial expert discusses what target-date funds get wrong, how investors should navigate the low-yield environment, and whether active management can add value.

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Our guest on the podcast today is Michael Falk. Falk is a partner at the Focus Consulting Group, where he specializes in helping investment and wealth management firms with investment decision-making, strategic planning, and succession. Previously, he was a chief strategist at Global Macro LP and a chief investment officer in charge of manager due diligence and asset allocation for a multi-billion-dollar advisory practice. Falk has authored or coauthored several books, including Let's All Learn How to Fish To Sustain Long-Term Economic GrowthGet to Work on OUR Future, and Money, Meaning, and Mindsets. He is a frequent public speaker and is also a CFA charterholder.



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