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U.S. Utilities Summer Observer

As utilities pave the way for decarbonization strategies, anticipate accelerated electricity demand growth and increased investment in new energy infrastructure.

In the drive towards decarbonization, electrification plays a pivotal role in advancing clean energy solutions. Utilities lead this shift by fueling growth in electricity demand and investing in modern energy infrastructure.

The focus on widespread electrification is key to meeting environmental goals and has significant implications for sustainable investors. Utilities navigate a landscape full of challenges and opportunities, meeting demands from electric vehicles, data management, and evolving regulations.

Download this report now for more on how utilities are helping to reduce carbon emissions and how this shift will affect the market and renewable energy growth.

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What's Inside:

  • Insights on sustainable investing strategies for future financial growth 
  • Examination of the impact of ESG factors on investment decision-making 

  • Analysis of renewable energy investments and their role in financial portfolios 

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