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US Sustainable Funds See Huge Outflows, Again

Investors pulled $2.7 billion from sustainable funds in 2023’s third quarter

Marking the segment's fourth consecutive quarter of outflows. Many factors are in play behind the outflows, including a challenging macroenvironment with inflation, high interest rates, and recession fears, but also ESG-specific factors such as political backlash.

Sustainability-focused product development slowed significantly in the third quarter. Fewer new funds launched than at any point in the past three years. While the sustainable funds sector faced challenges this quarter, regulatory advancements and the growth in the number of funds suggest potential opportunities for the future.

Read the full report for a complete analysis of U.S. sustainable fund flows for the third quarter of 2023.

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Research Library US Sustainable Funds See Huge Outflows, Again

What's Inside:

  • Why there was a notable decline in the launch of sustainability-centric products.
  • Comprehensive coverage on the number of existing sustainable funds, recent fund launches, closures, and the overall slowdown in product development in this quarter.
  • Actionable insights into recent regulatory changes impacting sustainable investment, including court rulings and SEC guidelines.

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