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2024 US Financial Health Report

What is the federal interest rate impact on the US economy and financial ecosystem?

As federal interest rates remain high, so do the potential consequences, which begs the question: is there an impending recession? It depends on interest-rate cuts. Our research analyzes financial risks and exposures for the US economy and financial system, specifically the following sectors:

  • Households

  • Nonfinancial Business

  • Government

  • Banks

Our inaugural report on the state of US financial health highlights the impact interest rates have on these sectors and its future implications, in addition to economic trends and more.

Get the report now to understand how to strengthen your investment strategies against economic headwinds and tailwinds.

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What's Inside:

  • The paradox of interest rates and how it’s affecting the economy 
  • The relationship between commercial real estate and the financial risk in the business sector 
  • The roles credit, debt, and loans play into the country’s financial stability

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