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US Asset Manager Landscape Report 

Traditional asset managers struggle with scalable growth, while alternative asset managers enjoy it  

What's shaping the asset management industry? Passively managed products. Fee compression. The demand for alternative assets. Just to name a few. The impact of these factors is affecting both traditional and alternative asset managers alike, though in different ways.

Our latest landscape report on the asset management industry delves further into these differences, highlighting competitive advantages asset managers enjoy in the industry, what investors should focus on for traditional and alternative asset managers, future industry outlooks, and more.

Read the full report to get a comprehensive overview of the asset management industry and how it can impact you or your clients' portfolios.  

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Research Library US Asset Manager Landscape Report 

What's Inside

  • The rise in passively managed products is taking more market share
  • Management fees face pressure from the growth of the passive market

  • The market share concentration of both traditional and alternative asset managers 

  • A 10-year forecast into the traditional and alternative asset manager markets 

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