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2022 Model Portfolio Landscape

Model portfolios are gaining traction. Despite a highly volatile market, total assets following this investment blueprint grew to USD 349 billion as of March 2022, a 22% increase since June 2021. These portfolios allow advisors to outsource their management responsibilities—giving them more time to build client relationships and scale their business.

Our report reviews the growing popularity of model investment portfolios and touches on ways Morningstar has expanded its ratings. We also provide an assessment of fees, objectives, and performance with data from Morningstar Direct. When advisors understand the landscape, they can make choices that benefit both their clients and their practice.    

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Research Library 2022 Model Portfolio Landscape

What's Inside:

  • Understand what model portfolios are and how they can benefit advisors.
  • Dive deeper into the Morningstar Analyst Rating tool.
  • Examination of the avenues for accessing and implementing models.
  • Explore asset-allocation models, asset-class-specific models, and equity models—all of which are gaining traction.
  • Compare the fee advantage of model portfolios to mutual funds.
  • Discover various avenues for accessing and implementing models.
  • Get a detailed appendix of model portfolio scorecards.  


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