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Morningstar’s Guide to Asset Allocation

Asset allocation matters. This process of combining different classes within an overall portfolio can help reduce risk and increase potential returns. From quantitative models to tactical approaches, asset managers use several different ways to produce asset class splits that match their clients’ key objectives.

This guide breaks down the fundamentals of asset allocation and its considerations. When you have a deeper understanding of asset allocation models, you can choose the right approach to build high-quality, robust portfolios.

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Morningstar’s Guide to Asset Allocation

What's Inside

  • Get an extensive overview of how asset allocation can benefit investors.
  • Compare the different approaches, including the mean-variance model, Markowitz 2.0 theory, Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance (CPPI) strategy, and more.
  • Discover questions to consider when building a great portfolio.
  • Access an in-depth portfolio checklist to guide your process.
  • Identify how Morningstar Direct can provide support to pinpoint the right asset allocation for investors’ needs.

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