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Thematic Fund Trends: Global Launches, Leaders, and Flops

Analyze how thematic funds performed across regions

Thematic funds—ranging from artificial intelligence to Generation Z—have surged in recent years. Some have delivered phenomenal performance. But others have been duds.

Stay on top of emerging trends with Morningstar research on global thematic funds. This report classifies thematic funds and analyzes the leading asset managers. Explore the survival and success rates of thematic funds.

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Research Library Thematic Fund Trends: Global Launches, Leaders, and...

What's Inside our Research:

  • Explore our updated taxonomy for thematic funds.
  • Compare management fees between thematic and non-thematic funds.
  • Break down the long-term track record of thematic investing.

Thematic investing aims to harness secular growth themes. The result: a steady supply of niche, complex investment strategies. Investors need a way to understand how these funds are built and if they might fit in their portfolios.  

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