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Global Fund Flows Dominated by Fixed-Income and ETFs

Discover new opportunities by following the money with Morningstar’s global fund flows data

Fixed income funds saw $236 billion of inflows through the first half of 2023, by far the largest of any category group. The United States accounted for $150 billion of that $236 billion. At the halfway mark, long-term fund and ETF net flows have converged on zero, despite a moderately robust January.

Actively managed ETFs are steadily gaining acceptance, outpacing passive ETFs in organic growth. Nonindexed ETFs grew 14% organically and now represent 5% of ETF assets globally.

Asset managers rely on fund flow data to understand investor behavior on a macro level. Morningstar’s biannual Global Fund Flows report evaluates funds by category, like exchange-traded funds or fixed-income funds, as well as region, asset class, and more.

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What's Inside our Research

  • Find out which of the largest fund groups posted the highest organic growth rates.
  • Learn which region dominates the global asset management landscape.
  • Discover which actively managed funds broke into the top 15 in year-to-date inflows.

Morningstar’s comprehensive Global Fund Flows report is based on 199,000-plus share classes across 72 domiciles. The figures in this report were compiled on July 17, 2023, and reflect only the funds that had reported net assets by that date. With this research, you can dig into emerging global trends in investor sentiment.

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