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ESMA's Guidelines on ESG Fund Names

On May 14, 2024, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) released its final guidelines on the naming of funds that use ESG or sustainability-related terms. These guidelines aim to protect investors from the risks of greenwashing and establish minimum standards for funds marketed in the EU that include specific ESG terms in their names.

ESMA's new guidelines on fund names using ESG and sustainability-related terms present new challenges and opportunities for financial advisors and investment managers. Understand the implications and adapt your investment strategy.

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Research Library ESMA's Guidelines on ESG Fund Names

What's Inside:

  • An analysis of how ESMA's guidelines affect over 4,300 EU funds with ESG or sustainability-related terms in their names 
  • An assessment of the potential impact of these guidelines on your investment strategy, including potential divestments worth up to USD 40 billion.
  • Insights on the sectors most affected by potential divestments, helping you make informed decisions

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