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How Much Do ESG Ratings Matter to Investors?

One popular criticism of ESG research and ratings focuses on the “inconsistent” views of ESG research providers. To investigate how meaningful company-level ESG ratings divergence is to investors, we compared the Morningstar Sustainability Indexes, which are powered by Sustainalytics’ company-level ESG Risk Ratings and research, to their MSCI equivalents.

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How Much Do ESG Ratings Matter to Investors?

What's Inside

  • An overview of how the Sustainalytics ESG Risk Ratings assess firms’ exposure to – and management of – financially material ESG risks
  • Company-specific examples of how risk ratings from Sustainalytics and MSCI can differ, and how those differences impact index eligibility
  • Holdings and performance-based comparisons of select ESG-focused equity and bond indexes from the Morningstar Sustainability Indexes family to peers that incorporate ESG research from MSCI

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