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ESG Industry Landscape Report: ESG Risks and Opportunities Across the Construction Value Chain

Policymakers are tightening carbon policies with higher energy efficiency standards for new buildings. The global move to net-zero carbon emissions will have wide-ranging implications for the construction value chain.

Carbon emissions from building materials and construction are coming into sharper focus. High-mass materials are at risk from new standards, while lightweight alternatives stand to benefit.

Policy is also driving “deep energy renovation” of existing buildings to reduce their carbon footprints. This will require significant investment but isn’t expected to have a material impact on the value of real estate assets in the short term.

Keep abreast of policy developments with the ESG Industry Landscape Report.

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Research Library ESG Industry Landscape Report: ESG Risks and Opportunities...

What's Inside

  • An overview of the risks to the construction value chain from stricter carbon policies.
  • A breakdown of how ESG risks could affect building materials and homebuilders.
  • A deep dive into the risks of operational and embodied carbon emissions.
  • A short list of undervalued stock picks across the construction value chain.

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