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Debunking Myths Around ESG Fund Fees

Fees in ESG Funds vs Non ESG Funds

Contrary to popular belief, investments focusing on ESG characteristics are not necessarily more expensive than conventional funds. Our detailed analysis compares the representative costs of ESG and non-ESG funds globally across six popular Morningstar categories.

Notably, active ESG funds boast lower costs than their conventional peers in five out of six selected categories. Our findings dispel the myth that ESG investments are inherently more costly, offering investors a viable and often more affordable option for responsible investing.

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What's Inside:

  • Compare the representative costs of ESG funds in Europe versus their conventional peers in six of the most popular Morningstar categories
  • Examine the evolution of costs over the past decade for both cohorts and by investment style (passive versus active)
  • Understand the asset-weighted representative costs for ESG funds in six of the most popular Morningstar categories.

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