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Navigating the Client Lifecycle in Financial Planning

How can financial advisors better attract and engage clients?

Investor expectations for their financial advisors have evolved over the years. Clients are no longer focused only on the functional value an advisor provides, but on the emotional value they offer as well.

In this study, we collected responses on why clients chose to hire their financial advisor, continue working with their advisor, and (sometimes unfortunately) stop working with their advisor. Our research provides actionable tips on how an advisor can attract new clients, maintain strong connections, and revive struggling relationships.

Read the full report to discover ways to improve each stage of the client lifecycle in financial planning.  

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What's Inside

  • Explore how financial planning has evolved to focus on a human-centric approach, incorporating services, such as behavioral coaching and financial wellness.
  • Discover how investor preferences shift as they move through the lifecycle of engaging with a financial advisor.
  • Gain insights on how financial advisors can grow their businesses, nourish existing client connections, and revive contentious advisor-client relationships.  

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