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Evaluating the Performance of U.S. Equities Post-Financial Crisis

Have international stocks outperformed U.S stocks? 

The global financial crisis has had a significant impact on international equity markets, with U.S. equities showing a remarkable performance in comparison to their non-U.S. counterparts. For U.S. equities, robust earnings growth and higher returns on capita exhibited superior performance, despite exclusion from leading tech companies. 

The U.S. is considered as the world's most competitively advantaged market, leading in corporate governance and innovation. U.S. equities remain a premium selection as they strive to maintain future optimism from global asset managers. 

What does that mean next for investors? Get the full report to examine the impact of economic trends on U.S. and international equities and other distinct factors behind this historical performance for both the U.S. and global markets.  

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What's Inside:

  • A comparative analysis of the performance of U.S. equities versus non-U.S. equities since the global financial crisis. 
  • Examination of the role of currency fluctuations and sector composition in determining market index performance. 
  • Data-driven insights into the fundamental factors contributing to the superior financial performance of U.S. companies. 

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