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The Investor Success Project

New research from Morningstar on how to help investors

Moving Beyond Stereotypes

The Investor Success Project aims to paint a more accurate picture of investors so the industry can disregard old stereotypes and help everyone reach their goals.

It’s Time to Redefine ‘Investor’

We take a different look at investors and discuss how common investor stereotypes aren’t that helpful.

The True Faces of Sustainable Investing

Our latest research suggests it’s time to rethink the industry narrative around sustainable investing.

The Value of Advice

Our research suggests that there’s a difference between what investors value from their advisors and what advisors believe investors value.

Turning Research Into Results

The Investor Success Project also looks at possible ways advisors and asset managers can use what we’ve learned to help investors reach their long-term financial goals.

Mining for Goals

Behavioral biases can cause investors to overlook important financial goals. How can we help investors identify goals that are relevant for the long term?

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