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NYCB Was Uniquely Risky; We Would Not Read Too Much Into the Entire Banking Sector

Our thesis on the U.S. banks following the Silicon Bank fallout was that all of the banks we covered, except for First Republic (which we downgraded to a $3 fair value estimate on March 20, 2023, and a $0 fair value on April 27, 2023), would be able to weather the storm. We believed that banks in trouble were in uniquely risky positions. We believe this thesis has largely held up, and sorting through banks based on their unique risk profiles remains necessary and valuable. To the extent that the market is selling off all banks because of what has happened to NYCB, we think there could be opportunities once again while acknowledging the significant time horizon risk (how long does it take for the banks to prove to the market they are fine) and the choppy waters that could occur in the meantime (we expect more commercial real estate related loan losses in the future).

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