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U.S. REIT Valuations Offer an Attractive Entry Point for Patient Investors

The share prices of U.S. real estate investment trusts have fallen by approximately 30% from their 2021 highs because of higher interest rates and stress in some commercial real estate sectors. We think that the correction is overdone and the current valuations offer an attractive entry point for patient investors. Our core REIT coverage is trading at a discount of approximately 25% to our fair value estimate. We estimate that the average REIT within our U.S. coverage is currently trading at a dividend yield that is 126 basis points higher than the historical average. We see marked differences in valuation across different REIT sectors in the United States. For instance, the industrial sector is fairly valued, with stock valuations already accounting for future growth, but other sectors like offices, hotels, and malls are trading at attractive discounts.

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