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Barclays PLC

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We Don't See Contagion Risk for European Banks From Credit Suisse's Woes

With Credit Suisse shoring up liquidity, concerns around a banking crisis spreading in Europe have been firmly planted. While we expect that the next days and weeks will remain volatile, we do not currently see a liquidity crisis spreading through the European banking system. The issues at Credit Suisse are idiosyncratic in nature and we believe containable for now even in a worst-case scenario. With capital and liquidity levels high across the board, asset quality still good, and regulators much better equipped than 15 years ago to quell any sparks, we believe European banks are solid. The major caveat being that developments are currently happening at a rapid pace and views we form today may be stale tomorrow. We believe investors are best placed in European banks with a greater retail focus and a sound profitability outlook. We would highlight BBVA, Handelsbanken, ING, and Lloyds.

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