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Zscaler Inc

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Zscaler's Zero-Trust Architecture Resonating With the Market as Entities Undergo Networking Changes

Business Strategy and Outlook

Zscaler wagered heavily on the secular trend of cloud computing and how users would directly connect to cloud-based resources. Its bet has paid dividends, as it has leveraged a distributed cloud to deliver a multitenant security platform that offers security capabilities traditionally sold as purpose-built appliances. Although Zscaler has been at it since 2007, we think its business model and security approach are in their early innings, and we see a long runway for growth as enterprises adopt cloud-centric security and zero-trust architectures. Zscaler’s software-as-a-service business model and the benefits that accompany this mode of software consumption, combined with an innovative product suite and a differentiated channel sales model, are all factors that we think will facilitate continued success winning enterprises that are consuming more cloud-based resources.

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