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Rekenthaler Report

Never Mind Market Efficiency: Are the Markets Sensible?

Not always, but it’s difficult to profit from that knowledge.

Bill Gross Warns Investors to Steer Clear of Bond Funds

Should you heed this legendary bond investor’s advice?

There’s No Evidence of a Retirement Crisis

The New York Times stretches too far.

When Low Risk Means High Risk

Investment caution can be dangerous, too.

Are You an Investment Historian or a Futurist?

Each approach has its advantages—and drawbacks.

TIPS Are on Sale

It’s time to buy shares of TIPS funds, not redeem them.

The Best Bond Index Funds: Part 2

Picks from the high-yield, inflation-protected, municipal, and global categories.

The Dangerous Myth of ‘The New Normal’

The odds are against those who believe this time is different.

The Best Bond Index Funds: Part 1

Intermediate core, short-term, and ultrashort funds.

For the First Time, Index Funds Face Federal Scrutiny

The FDIC to indexers: We’re watching you.

Daniel Kahneman: The Unlikely Economist

How an outsider won a Nobel Prize.

Trump Media Is Not a Meme Stock. It’s a Cryptocurrency

Investors aren’t buying DJT for future cash flows.

The Best International Stock Index Funds

Excellent choices abound in five investment categories.

No, 401(k) Funds Do Not Cost 2% Per Year

Beware the claims of investment personalities.

The Best US Stock Index Funds

Their prices are very much right.

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