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2024 Mined Commodities Landscape Report

Commodity prices and unit costs remain elevated—does this forecast future growth?

It's no surprise that commodities are closely tied to the economy, with China driving demand in most commodities markets. In fact, China accounts for nearly all of the global growth demand for copper and iron ore in the past decade. How is this demand affecting the industry?

Our latest global landscape on mined commodities examines key industry themes, market share and concentration, individual mineral demand analysis, future outlooks, ESG considerations, and more.

Unearth the latest mined commodities trends and predictions to find the right investment strategies for your clients.

What's inside

  • How cost advantages impact mining firms’ economic moats 
  • A breakdown of commodity demand by mineral 
  • The relationship between the economy and commodity price  
  • How ESG considerations—like hazardous chemicals and government regulations—are influencing the industry 

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