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Morningstar's Guide to US Active ETFs

Active ETFs offer a new growth opportunity for active fund managers.

Exchange-traded funds used to be synonymous with passive investing, but since 2019 organic growth for the active ETF market has consistently exceeded 20% per year. There are a few catalysts behind the rise of active ETFs, including regulatory changes and an increase in demand for low-cost funds among investors and their financial advisors.

The accelerated growth of active ETFs could offer a lifeline for active managers as active ETFs are expanding while active mutual fund assets are contracting. However, despite the recent explosion, active ETFs represent only a small fraction of the ETF and active fund market.

Download this report to gain insights into the rapid expansion and future implications of active ETFs.

What's inside

  • Learn about key active ETF trends and their growth trajectory.
  • Discover the benefits and risks of active ETFs for active managers, financial advisors, and their clients.
  • Explore the strategies that fund managers have adopted in response to the rise of active ETFs and the potential pitfalls and opportunities they present. 

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