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Navigating ESG Conversations: A Guide for Financial Advisors

Uncover Effective Strategies for Discussing ESG Investing with Your Clients

As a financial advisor, navigating the volatile terrain of ESG investing can be challenging. Advisors might hesitate to discuss ESG investing with clients due to its polarizing nature, but ESG's relevance endures, even with its challenges. ESG remains key in advisor-client talks. The question is, how can advisors effectively handle these sensitive discussions and simplify the ESG terminology?

We analyzed Reddit conversations on ESG investing to grasp investor discussions and sentiments toward ESG. This finding offers advisors a practical approach to engage clients in ESG talks, based on real investor discussions instead of overarching industry expectations.

Download our latest report for an unfiltered analysis of investor sentiment towards ESG and equip yourself with the tools to navigate ESG conversations confidently.

What's inside

  • An in-depth analysis of Reddit conversations about ESG investing, providing a rich understanding of investor sentiment.
  • A focus on specific ESG issues of interest rather than the broader ESG landscape. 
  • Practical strategies for navigating ESG conversations without resorting to industry jargon.  

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