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Dividend Funds Landscape Report

Different characteristics of dividend funds impact investors’ total return experience

Many dividend funds provide regular income to investors. In fact, they represented more than $1 trillion USD of investor's money as of September 2023. Though dividend funds are a popular investment choice, there are nuances in their characteristics that affect investors' total return.

Our report categorizes dividend funds into three categories:

  1. Dividend income

  2. Dividend growth and income

  3. Dividend growth

Our researchers explain the unique characteristics and return potentials of each category, as well as provide a "how-to" guide for investors to identify which dividend funds best meet their investment goals.

Download the full report to find which dividend funds are right for you and your clients.

What’s inside

  • Morningstar Direct's dividend funds universe consists of 348 open-end mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).,
  • The comparison of different categories of dividend funds and their expected performance.
  • Not reinvesting dividends inhibits investors' total return potential.

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