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Climate Action 100+ Departures Put Proxy Voting in the Spotlight

Voting records indicate that concerns over potential collusion by signatories are overstated.

As the Climate Action 100+ initiative faces significant changes with key departures, it's crucial for financial advisors to understand the implications. Climate Action 100+ flagged 20 shareholder resolutions for signatories’ consideration in 2023, this report assesses the voting results.

This report analyzes the publicly disclosed voting results of 60 institutional investors for the CA100+ flagged shareholder resolutions in 2023. The group is a mix of 40 US and European asset managers, and 20 US and Canadian public pension asset owners. A wide range of signatory voting decisions on flagged resolutions suggests an absence of collusive voting behavior.  

Check out the full report to stay informed and make strategic decisions this proxy season.

What's inside

  • A comprehensive analysis of the recent exits from the Climate Action 100+ initiative by five US asset managers. 
  • Detailed review of proxy voting records, dispelling concerns over potential collusion by signatories. 
  • In-depth examination of the support for climate-related resolutions among the exited or amended signatories 

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