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Motors and Markets 2024

The auto industry remains resilient, moving toward recovery

It's no surprise that the U.S. auto industry experiences constant change due to factors like vehicle scarcity, interest rates, and chip shortages, though these can also present unique opportunities for investors. What's on the industry's horizon for 2024? About a two-percent increase in light-vehicle sales to $15.6-15.8 million USD, strengthened by a 37.8% increase in inventory levels from last year.

Our latest report on the U.S. automotive industry unpacks the landscape by highlighting a five-year sales forecast, breakdowns of used-vehicles and leasing, analysis of normalized vehicle demand and inventory levels, and more.

Download the full report to uncover key insights and trends and how they can bolster your clients' portfolios.

What's inside

  • How light-truck mix vehicles are influencing U.S. automotive sales 
  • The impact of interest rates on the industry 
  • A deep dive into General Motors and its position in the auto market 

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