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One Data Integration. A Universe of Connections Unlocked.

The ByAllAccounts Data Network: Streamlining the flow of financial account data across the wealth management ecosystem.

Welcome to the New Era of ByAllAccounts

The ByAllAccounts Data Network streamlines the flow of financial account data across the entire wealth ecosystem—from financial data providers and custodians to wealthtech platforms and reporting platforms. Eliminating the need for multiple data integrations, we offer a single, secure gateway to financial data, significantly easing data exchange, speeding time to market, and cutting costs so you can focus on innovation.
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Benefits of the Data Network

Radically simplify data exchange

A single connection to our network opens access to 15,000-plus data sources, ~200 custodial feeds, 70-plus redistribution platforms, and 50-plus wealthtech platforms. Regardless of sourcing, we normalize and enrich the data into a uniform format and then tailor the output to your unique requirements, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration with your receiving systems.

Slash time to market

Shave months (or more) off the time it takes to add new custodial data feeds and onboard new advisors.

Cut costs

Save significant time and resources previously lost in the maze of custom integrations. Our data network rivals the extensive custodial connections of legacy platforms, accessible to you at an affordable cost.

Focus on your business—not the data

Concentrate on innovation and new opportunities while we handle the complexities of data integration and distribution.

ByAllAccounts Data Network by the Numbers


Financial data sources


Custodial feeds


Professional data sources


Wealth management firms




Wealthtech platforms

Everyone Wins With the Two-Sided Data Network

The ByAllAccounts Data Network enables a virtuous cycle of value creation in which each stakeholder enriches the network and drives down costs—making every participant a contributor to and beneficiary of a more interconnected and efficient landscape.

Data Recipients

Data recipients are empowered with access to comprehensive financial data, including wealthtech platforms serving an array of financial professionals and do-it-yourself investors to platform redistributors, RIA firms, and home offices.

Data Providers

A single connection to the ByAllAccounts Data Network can efficiently distribute a provider’s data across our extensive network of wealthtech platforms and portfolio management systems serving RIAs and broker-dealer firms.

Bidirectional Participants

Members who function as bidirectional participants not only consume data from other stakeholders but also contribute their data back to the network, enhancing the ecosystem’s overall value.

What Clients Are Saying

The ability to access the wealth of data Morningstar provides was a huge tipping point for Rainbook—on top of keeping all connections in one place for a frictionless user experience.”

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ByAllAccounts Data Network

Streamlining the flow of financial account data across the wealth management ecosystem.
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