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Transamerica Parent Rating


Transamerica Asset Management, or TAM, has taken sensible actions to remain in step with peers, underpinning an Average Parent Pillar rating.

Though TAM's leadership has been stable since 2014, its parent firm Transamerica has undergone a recent leadership transition that will take some time to evaluate. Mark Mullin, president and CEO of Transamerica since 2009, stepped down from executive duties in March 2021; Will Fuller succeeded Mullin. This top-level change coincided with moderate leadership reshuffling across the firm from 2019 through March 2022. TAM's investment management team also saw modest turnover over the same period.

TAM uses a subadvisory model that meets industry standard due-diligence practices, and the firm is on more stable ground after undertaking a thorough review of its compliance and product oversight procedures following a 2018 SEC settlement. Most of its diversified lineup employs unaffiliated managers, though it employs a sister company on some of its fixed-income products. The firm's willingness to sever ties with that unit where it perceives shortcomings and to cut fees in order to stay competitive are encouraging. Yet long-term performance across its lineup has been middling, and the firm has a noticeable record of launching and later merging or closing funds in an attempt to capture investor interest.

Transamerica Investments


US Open-end ex MM ex FoF ex Feeder

Total Net Assets

29.57 Bil

Investment Flows (TTM)

−4.04 Bil

Asset Growth Rate (TTM)


# of Share Classes

Morningstar Rating # of Share Classes
Not Rated 8

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