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Mirae Asset Global Investments is a Korean asset manager and a key player in the Asian financial market.

It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mirae Asset Financial Group, founded by Hyeon Joo Park. Park’s leadership and entrepreneurial spirit have been the driving force behind the global rise of Mirae, and he holds a majority stake in the business.

Mirae Asset has grown significantly over the years (USD 198 billion as of December 2022) across a diversified platform, of which about 60% of assets are managed in South Korea. We believe that Mirae’s core mutual fund business in the Asia-Pac region is relatively strong. It has a collaborative structure, a strong and large investment team, low manager turnover, competitive fees, and a disciplined approach to product-development pointing toward better stewardship practices relative to peers in these markets. However, this is in stark contrast to its exchange-traded fund business, which accounts for 41% of the total assets.

The firm’s ETF lineup focuses largely on high-risk thematic strategies that seem gimmicky, emphasizing short-term asset-gathering. The firm appears to leverage trending topics such as robotics and artificial intelligence, virtual reality and gaming, and cloud computing. There’s a notable concern regarding the potential liquidation of these funds since they seem to be designed around investment fads. Furthermore, these products are often expensive, especially compared with broadly diversified index funds and ETFs. Unsurprisingly, Mirae's reflexive product-development strategy has led to an increase in fund closures.

Our experience engaging with the MAGI team to gather critical information for the parent assessment has not been as positive. It hasn’t been as transparent in its disclosures, and unlike its peers, its responsiveness has been inadequate. We prefer firms with a more transparent corporate culture. Overall, these actions hold us back, and the firm retains its Parent Pillar rating of Average.

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Total Net Assets

42.60 Bil

Investment Flows (TTM)

2.31 Bil

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Not Rated 41

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