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7 Funds on Morningstar's Radar

Some large-cap and global-stock funds and a couple of mild-mannered bond funds join our list of emerging, unknown, and up-and-coming strategies to watch.

Dan Culloton: We recently added seven strategies to Morningstar Prospects, a list of emerging, unknown, and up-and-coming managers.

The new additions include BBH Global Core Select (BBGNX), a more geographically diverse version of the U.S. high-quality stock fund BBH Core Select (BBTEX), which has a Morningstar Analyst Rating of Silver; JOHCM International Select (JOHIX), a successful offering from the Artisan Funds of Britain; and SSgA Dynamic Small Cap (SSSJX), a quantitative approach that's had some early success and still has plenty of capacity.

The new prospects also include two active managers who have distinguished themselves in the fiercely competitive large-cap equity space by staying within their respective circles of competence. Polen Growth (POLIX) sticks with owning a handful of competitively advantaged companies that its managers think can grow faster than the market for five or more years. Smead Value (SMVLX) uses a checklist approach to help identify a couple of dozen solid, financially sound companies trading at fair-to-cheap prices.

Finally, we added a couple of mild-mannered bond funds for nervous fixed-income investors.
Fidelity Conservative Income Bond (FCNVX) is a touch more adventurous than a money market fund, while Bridge Builder Bond (BBTBX) is run by a quirky but impressive assemblage of subadvisors picking high-quality bonds. Each of these strategies is worth watching.