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Should You Consider a Convertible-Bond ETF?

This convertible-bond ETF might offer attractive risk-adjusted return compared with traditional equity investments.

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One of the fastest-growing exchange-traded funds may come as a surprise:  SPDR Barclays Capital Convertible Securities (CWB), the only convertible-bond ETF. Convertible bonds are a niche asset class with an estimated market cap of less than $500 billion and are traditionally considered the purview of active managers. Only a handful of convertible-bond mutual funds and closed-end funds exist. Nonetheless, CWB almost doubled in size over the past year to more than $2 billion in assets, making it the third-largest convertible-bond fund of any kind. CWB is the sole passively managed option and is worth a look by investors searching for an asset class that can offer compelling risk-adjusted return and some extra yield compared with traditional equity investments.

The Basics
Convertible bonds are fixed-coupon securities that grant the holder the option of exchanging the bond for common or preferred stock at a specified strike price. These hybrid securities are senior to equity in the capital structure but usually subordinate to traditional bonds.

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