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How to Cut Costs in Retirement

Get your retirement on track by trimming expenses on housing, day-to-day expenditures, travel and leisure, and financial services.

Finding success in retirement is a matter of trade-offs. Some pre-retirees will say that they'd like to have every bit as much, if not more, money in retirement as they had while they were working, even if it means they have to work longer or economize more in advance. Ticking off items on their bucket lists is a key goal, and hiking in the Himalayas and playing golf at Pebble Peach don't come cheaply.

Other pre-retirees are comfortable with a different type of trade-off. They, too, would like a good quality of life in retirement, but don't mind economizing a bit in their later years, especially if it means they can be retired longer. They consider time to be the true luxury that accompanies retirement. To get there, they're willing to downsize their homes, hang on to their cars long enough to earn plaudits on the national radio talk show, "Car Talk," and entertain at home rather than enjoying lavish meals out.