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Fuss: We're in the Foothills of a Long Rise in Rates

But the upward trend in interest rates may be forestalled as the dollar remains a safe haven for fearful global investors, says the Loomis Sayles Bond manager.

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Jacobson: Well, let me just shift gears for one more question. Especially given what you've described--we've talked about some of the risks globally--what are you thinking at this point about inflation and interest rates here in United States?

Fuss: OK--best guess, and all I can do is guess. But I suspect that we are in the foothills of a long rise in interest rates, followed by, not led by, followed by inflationary pressures, some of which will get ahead of interest rates--unit cost to labor, for example--and that's the strongest one, but it doesn't show up in the CPI. But the foothills are rolling like this. I don't think we'll actually be into an upward trend really out of the foothills until our own central bank backs away from buying Treasuries.

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