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More Must-Knows About Inherited IRAs

When it comes to inheriting an IRA, more rules exist than you might imagine.

This article originally appeared in January 2011. In case you missed it, we're running it again as part of our IRA Improvement Week.

When I originally wrote about inherited IRAs, poster deeclu really nailed it with this comment: "A complex subject and not easily addressed in a two-page article." Poster pete228 astutely opined, "One really has to be careful when messing around with this stuff."

Alas, there's still much more to know about inherited IRAs than the scenarios I addressed in my article. What if the beneficiary is a minor child or an estate? What if there's no beneficiary at all? How does it work if the beneficiary doesn't need or want the IRA assets and would like to pass them to other heirs instead?

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