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High-Quality Bargains Re-Emerge

Three low-uncertainty stocks to buy in a down market.

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There's a lot of uncertainty in investors' minds right now. Is this recovery for real or is the sovereign debt crisis going to drag us down again? Where is the next problem area going to be? How will financial reform impact the economy? Are stock valuations too high?

With so many outstanding questions, it shouldn't be too surprising that volatility has reared its ugly head again, reminding investors of the bad old days of late 2008 and early 2009. Even discounting the so-called "Flash Crash" as a trading fluke, we still seem to have returned to the days when a triple-digit loss or gain for the Dow is an everyday occurrence. With these swings, it's easy to be kept up at night worrying about your portfolio and wondering if we're perched on the precipice of another financial catastrophe.

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