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Top-Performing Funds with Low Profiles

Use this screen to find some great funds you've probably never heard of.

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While offerings from prominent fund companies benefit from large marketing machines and hordes of salesmen charged with gathering assets, funds from smaller shops that quietly outperform over the long haul are more easily overlooked. We used the Premium Screener to help turn up some of these lesser-known gems.

To start, we zeroed in on large- and mid-cap domestic-equity funds that are open to new investments of $10,000 or less that also sport reasonable price tags. To get at more-nimble funds, we narrowed the results to funds with total asset bases of $500 million or less. We wanted to choose funds that held up well in both the short- and long-term, so we limited the results to funds that have landed in their categories' top third for the trailing year through May 1, 2009, as well as over the past 10 years. Of course, we also made sure that the current management team was responsible for the funds' strong records.

The screen returned the following funds as of May 1, 2009:

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