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The Short Answer

Morningstar's Guide to College Savings

We've collected our college-savings articles under one roof.

This year, with the release of our annual assessment of the best and worst plans in the 529 college-savings industry, we've taken a look at a number of other issues facing 529 savers. Saving for college is a major and bewildering undertaking for most households, and these articles, videos, and resources should help you address some of the confusion.

The Best and Worst 529 College-Savings Plans
Our annual review of the 529 college-savings industry.

529 Data Center
Detailed analysis and plan data on more than 80 college savings plans

Should You Stay In-State or Shop Around?
The benefits of staying close to home may not be as great as they seem.

Alternatives to 529 College-Savings Plans
A look at other ways to save for college.

Are 529 Prepaid Plans All They're Cracked Up to Be?
They sound good, but be sure to read the fine print.

Managing Your 529 College-Savings Plan
What to do after you've decided on a 529 college-savings plan.

Video Reports
The Basics, Benefits, and Drawbacks of 529 Plans
What are the pros and cons of these investment vehicles?

Prioritizing Retirement and College Savings
Tips for deciding where and how to put your investment dollars to work.

Why Some 529s Took a Hit
Two big issues weighed on 529 plans in the last year.

Is Your 529 Plan a Lemon?
Fees, flexibility, and the quality of underlying funds are good touchstones in assessing your 529.

States: The 529 Flaw
Though 529s are often investors' best way to save for college, state involvement creates some downsides.