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Who's on Top of the International-Stock Fund Rankings?

The 10 biggest foreign money managers go toe to toe.

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Last week, I examined how the 10 largest taxable-bond shops shake out. This week, it's time for international stock--that last bastion of positive returns and fund investor inflows. At least until this year anyway.

For those tuning in late, I look at how the 10 largest managers of international funds performed, relative to peers, for the three years through February 2008 and through February 2005. Then I weight those performance rankings based on assets at the beginning of the periods. The difference in those asset-weighted rankings says a lot about how well firms handle growth.

To get on the list of biggest international-stock managers, you probably had some great performance at some point to draw those assets. The question is, can you keep your best people, add more staff, and invest the money in an effective way when you have $40 billion to run instead of $40 million?

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