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People are our most important assets. Many of us are avid investors—that helps us see things from our clients‘ angle and develop products they really need.


Where We Started


It started with an idea—one great idea from a 27-year-old stock analyst. Joe Mansueto thought it was unfair that people didn’t have access to the same information as financial professionals. So he hired a few people and set up shop in his apartment—to deliver investment research to everyone.





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Where We Are Today


We didn’t know then what the company would look like today, but we knew the commitment to our mission—to help people reach their financial goals—wouldn’t change. We’ve made the world better for investors, and we’re continuing to look for new ways to help people achieve financial security.




Seeking the Thinkers and the Doers


People at Morningstar do more than what’s required. That’s just who we are. We’re ambitious, creative, and motivated—working hard to help investors accomplish more than they thought they could.


“I like working on new ways to help our customers.”

Laura Lutton

Director, Equity Strategies

“The culture is very open and supportive.”

Brittany Sherry

Senior Corporate Financial Analyst

“It’s hard to describe a typical day, because each is different.”

Courtney Goethals Dobrow

Director, Internal Communications

“I’m proud to be affiliated with a great brand.”

Noel Abat

Operations Director, Global Sales

“I enjoy working with people from many fields.”

Anna Mukhina

Senior Software Engineer, Data Services

“I love the challenge, the complexity, and the responsibility.”

Nicolas Owens

Head Of Technical Marketing


You won’t see much of the typical corporate structure here.


Anyone can voice their ideas and contribute to making them happen. Because we’ve seen what’s possible when you get great people working together.


Client Appreciation Week

Volunteering at the Greater Chicago Food Depository

Product design teams at work


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How We Can Help


We build products and offer services that connect people to the investing information and tools they need. We put in extra work to improve what we do—and we’re always looking for new ideas to help investors.


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Being There for Investors—Where They Are


We’re constantly collaborating with co-workers in our global offices. And our teams of client support specialists are there too—ready to answer your questions.


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