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Big Picture in Practice

Tune in every other week to explore the latest trends across the financial sector. Joined by industry-leading guests, Big Picture in Practice will help you innovate and stay abreast of the latest information that will enable listeners to create differentiated products and foster successful client relationships in a constantly evolving investment landscape.

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Featured Episode

What Does Real-World Asset Tokenization Mean for Asset Managers?

WisdomTree’s Will Peck believes that tokenized funds could do to ETFs what ETFs did to mutual funds.

In this episode, the Big Picture in Practice podcast deciphers the ins and outs of blockchain-enabled asset management.

Will Peck, the head of digital assets at WisdomTree, defines tokenized funds and explains their impact on the industry.

In this episode:

  • Benefits and drawbacks of real-world asset tokenization.
  • The difference between cryptocurrency funds and tokenized funds.
  • The future of tokenized funds.

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Meet the Hosts

Julie Willoughby

Head of Global Sales
Julie serves Morningstar’s largest clients across the asset management, advisor, and alliances segments.

Ben Johnson, CFA

Head of Client Solutions, Asset Management
Ben leads client solutions for Morningstar’s asset management clients, after an impressive tenure in passive funds research.


Now, more than ever, investors expect personalized recommendations based on that individual's risk tolerance, total assets, and financial goals. What does personalization look like for investors today?

Efficiency and Scale

How are advisors embracing technology to balance efficient personalization at scale? Advisors can differentiate themselves by seizing opportunities to adopt emerging technology and automation.


As advisors and asset managers look to grow their books of business, they must also be mindful of new and evolving regulations that dictate the way they function and report on their impact.

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