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Goal Bridge

Goals are easier to meet with goal-based investing software.

Connect goal-setting with investment plans and strengthen client relationships with Morningstar’s Goal Bridge.

See the Financial Goal Planner in Action

Not every client needs complete financial-planning services, but they all have financial goals. Morningstar’s Goal Bridge tool lets you have goals-based conversations with clients, then quickly connect those goals to an easy-to-understand plan in a single tool, a single workflow, and a single conversation.

How It Works

Identify and prioritize goals
Achieve financial wellness using goal visualization to prioritize goals and evaluate necessary trade-offs.
Determine risk profile for each goal
Access comprehensive risk assessments that consider both the client’s risk preference and the optimal timeline for goal achievement.
Deliver personalized investment strategies
Align the client’s target allocation to the best model, then customize the securities and weights as needed to optimize for each goal.
Create a goal-based plan in minutes
Get fast, actionable investment plans without hours of comprehensive data reconciliation and screening.
Model realistic scenarios to demonstrate impact
Leverage Morningstar data, research, and analysis to model comparative scenarios and make better decisions.
Move clients from plan to action
Help investors understand the link between today’s investments and meeting tomorrow’s goals.

The reason people save and invest is to accomplish a goal; therefore, the goal itself should be the center of any portfolio or financial plan.

<b>David Blanchett</b><br/> Head of Retirement Research<br/> Morningstar, Inc.
David Blanchett
Head of Retirement Research
Morningstar, Inc.

Mining for Goals: How Behavioral Nudges Can Help Investors Discover More-Meaningful Goals

Our findings suggest that the true power of a goals-based financial plan—the motivating factor for investors—has yet to be realized because people may be working toward the wrong goals.

How You Can Get It

morningstar office
Morningstar OfficeSM
Goal Bridge is available as part of Morningstar Office, our all-in-one practice and portfolio management platform for advisors.

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morningstar advisor workstation
Morningstar® Advisor WorkstationSM
Goal Bridge is available as an add-on to a Morningstar Advisor Workstation license.

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morningstar enterprise components
Morningstar Enterprise Components
Goal Bridge is also available as a web component, aligning to your needs and capabilities.

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See for Yourself

Learn how connecting goals to investment plans can help you serve clients and attract new business more efficiently.

Goal Bridge is part of Morningstar’s Financial Planning Solutions in the United States and Canada.