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U.S. Economic Outlook: Q1 2024

Inflation has dropped by 3% over the past year—will interest rates, too?

As the U.S. economy enters the first quarter of 2024, it continues to show signs of strength and resilience with stable GDP growth and mild inflation, despite high interest rates. Nevertheless, our analysts predict that economic growth will be sluggish until the Fed cuts interest rates.

Our latest economic outlook takes an in-depth analysis into the below contributors of this forecast:

  • Inflation 

  • Interest rates 

  • GDP

  • The Federal Reserve

  • Consumer Spending 

Download the full report to understand how these factors are influencing the latest U.S. economic trends, insights, and forecasts and what these mean for investors.

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U.S. Economic Outlook: Q1 2024

What's Inside:

  • The expected normalization of inflation rates in 2024 
  • The relationship between the Fed, interest rates, and GDP growth 
  • How savings rates are projected to impact consumption patterns 
  • What the slowdown in job growth means for labor markets 

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