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2023 Target-Date Funds and CITs Landscape 

How asset managers stack up in the retirement funds market
Target-date strategies play a pivotal role in investors’ retirement savings. Because they’re intuitive and easy to use, they make for a logical default option in most 401(k) plans.

This annual report uncovers what drives the adoption of target-date retirement funds. Morningstar analysts use asset flow data to break down emerging trends and shifting investor preferences.

With a map of the competitive landscape, asset managers can position their products for success.

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Research Library 2023 Target-Date Funds and CITs Landscape 

What's Inside

  • Analyze fee trends across target-date strategies. 
  • Compare asset flows in target-date mutual funds and collective investment trusts. 
  • Assess “to” and “through” glide path strategies for life-cycle funds. 
  • Evaluate the asset managers dominating the target-date landscape. 

Target-date funds and CITs largely stayed the course in 2022 despite severe market turbulence, highlighting how important these retirement funds have become to retirement savers. 

In this report, Morningstar analysts evaluate the inflows and performance of the asset managers who dominate the landscape. 

Download today for a roundup of recent developments in the target-date universe. 

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