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2024 Target-Date Strategy Landscape 

Target-date strategies increased net flows to $156 billion in 2023 

With the number of Americans turning 65 accelerating over the next few years, the focus on retirement income is growing, and so is the need for retirement saving solutions. With the target-date industry hitting a record $3.5 trillion at the end of 2023, it’s clear that target-date strategies remain a popular retirement investment vehicle for investors. How should investors navigate this growing landscape?

Our annual report on target-date strategies delves into the landscape by analyzing target-date flows, asset composition, fees, strategy performance, and more.

Get the full report to discover how these target-date strategies can strengthen your clients’ portfolios. 


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What's Inside

  • A comparison in asset flows between target-date mutual funds and target-date collective investment trust (CIT) flows.
  • How CITs are expected to influence the target-date industry.
  • A breakdown of the largest target-date managers market share concentration.
  • Our analysts’ top target-date picks.

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